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Limited Liability Companies, Corporations and Sole Proprietorships

Starting a business is an exciting and important decision. Christine recognizes that not all businesses are the same. For this reason, she takes the time to learn as much as possible about her clients and their businesses in order to determine the best business structure and optimize her ability to give legal advice tailored to the client’s needs. Righeimer Law, LLC can assist with the formation of your company, preparation of its operating agreement, bylaws, resolutions, and other legal documents needed to protect your limited liability and comply with Illinois law.

Document Review and Legal Consulting

Christine knows her clients’ legal needs do not end once the business is up and running. To the contrary, she continues to provide clients with a variety of legal services from acting as a business’ registered agent, preparing and filing legal documents to protect a company’s limited liability, drafting and reviewing leases and independent contractor agreements to assisting with hiring and firing practices. It is her goal to educate and listen to her clients in order to reduce their stress and uncertainty in confronting complicated and often confusing legal issues.

Righeimer Law, LLC has an extensive practice representing business entities that rely on the Firm to assist with a full range of legal services to protect their corporate standing. Righeimer Law, LLC helps its business clients comply with the legislative rules and established case law to maintain their limited liability.


Righeimer Law, LLC advises clients on a full range of issues facing not-for-profit organizations. Righeimer Law, LLC can help with the detailed legal requirements affecting your not-for-profit organization, including corporate organization, bylaws, tax exempt status, governance matters, contracts and leases and a host of other issues affecting clients’ day-to-day operations.


As a lifelong horse lover, owner and competitor, Christine Righeimer understands the wide range of issues that confront owners, professionals and businesses in the equine industry. Equine businesses face many of the same challenges as other businesses, but often overlook the legal steps necessary to properly set up their business and protect their liability. Christine is personally familiar with equine-related matters and is familiar with current equine law. She has represented clients in numerous equine matters both in and out of the courtroom and enjoys merging her love of horses with her knowledge of the law.


In some cases, Righeimer Law, LLC is brought in before a suit is filed in an effort to assess the facts and decide if litigation is appropriate. In other cases, clients hire the firm to defend them in actions once a complaint has already been filed. In either case, Righeimer Law, LLC is dedicated to protecting its clients’ best interests and resolving their disputes. Christine Righeimer has substantial courtroom experience and prides herself on her thorough knowledge of the rules of law.


Appellate courts are different from trial courts. They apply certain standards of review to rulings made by a trial court. Christine Righeimer is familiar with the legal rules and principles applied by the appellate courts. In the event Righeimer Law’s clients find themselves in court, Christine Righeimer can handle their civil matters from inception, to jury verdict, through appeal.


Righeimer Law

Righeimer Law, LLC is an innovative law firm that focuses on providing legal services to small businesses located throughout Illinois. The practice largely focuses on business and not for profit organizations, transactions, equine law and litigation. The office has an active civil practice encompassing your business' legal needs including: Limited Liability Company and Corporate Formation and Governance, Contract and Lease Preparation, Review and Negotiation, Business Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

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